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Biomass Boilers Suffolk
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Wood Burning Stoves Suffolk
We supply, maintain and install stoves from the following manufacturers
Wood burning stoves Suffolk
Chesneys Stove Suffolk

A comprehensive range of multi-fuel and wood burning stoves, arriving in our showroom in April 2014. Please call us for more details.

>   Chesney's Stoves


Contura Stoves
Contura Stoves

An amazing range of stoves that are designed for modern life.

Contura Stoves come from one of the world's largest manufacturers and are built to become part of your home. With stunning looks and incredible ease of use, these are the stoves for you if you are looking for a stove to keep you warm that lets you get on with your day.

>   Contura Stoves

Burley Stoves
Burley Stoves

The entire Burley Stoves range use a contemporary twist on a traditional style, and back this up with innovative engineering to give an outstanding efficiency.

Couple this with a fantastic view of the fire and amazing ease of use, as well as truly exceptional build quality means there are few better stoves.

>   Burley Stoves

Suffolk stoves
Wood Burning Stoves Suffolk Hase

Hase stoves blend stunning contemporary form with highly efficient function, producing each woodburning stove using a mix of cutting-edge technology and age-old craftsmanship.

Available in a range of material, ceramics, soapstone, or high quality steel, there is a Hase stove to suit any home.

>   Hase Stoves

Woodwarm Stoves
WoodWarm Stoves Suffolk

Woodwarm stoves have been hand-built in England for more than three decades. These excellent stoves are built with cutting edge technology to deliver excellent heating performance and fantastic efficiency.

Woodburning Solutions have no hesitation in recommending Woodwarm stoves.

>   Woodwarm Stoves

Rais Woodburning Stoves Suffolk
Rais Stoves Suffolk

Rais stoves are renowned as being the perfect blend of gorgeous design and amazing performance.

Holders of the prestigious Swan label, Rais stoves are approved by Defra for use in smoke control areas.

>   Rais Stoves

Dean Stoves Suffolk
Dean Stoves Suffolk

British made traditional stoves, with very contemporary performance.

Handmade on Dartmoor by experienced craftsmen, the Dean Stoves range offers an impressive range of sizes and outputs, all with a wide range of options such as flue arrangement and optional boilers.

>   Dean Stoves

M Design Stoves Suffolk
Wood Stove SUffolk Pevex

Famed for the huge windows giving an intimate view of the fire, M-Design stoves are built by people who really do have a passion for fire.

>   M Design Stoves

Villager Stoves Suffolk
Wood Stove SUffolk Villager

30 years of experience goes into the design, build and finish of every Villager Stove, ensuring it can withstand the extreme temperatures that a modern, and truly efficient stove needs to endure.

>   Villager Stoves

Hwam Stoves Suffolk
Hwam Stoves Suffolk

Hwam stoves have rightly earned their reputation for ease of use and incredible automatic efficiency.

By focusing on attention to detail and then bundling that with stunning design, Hwam make ideal wood burning stoves for those who want convenience and design.

>   Hwam Stoves

stoves Suffolk
Wood Stove Suffolk Aarrow

Aarrow stoves are available as wood burning or multi fuel and are perfect for anyone looking to enhoy a real fire in their home without worries for safety or efficiency. The Aarrow range of stove include freestanding and inset models all of which are a combination of traditional quality and modern lines

>   Aarrow Stoves

Town and Country Fires Suffolk
Town and Country Stoves Suffolk

British stove manufacturers since 1977, Town & Country Fires are well known for the clean burning technologies that incorporate into their stoves - ensuring greater efficiency and lower emissions.

>   Town & Country

stoves Suffolk
Wood Stove Suffolk Termatech

Termatech stoves are renowned for the excellent build quality and the clean contemporary lines. Built to be easy to live with and burn wood as efficiently as possible.

>   TermaTech Stoves

Xeoos Stoves Suffolk
Wood Stove SUffolk Pevex

Xeoos have made a big impact on the world of stoves lately with their truly innovative TwinFire designs.

The two chambers reate a unique down-ward burning flame and a lot of heat, making it the ideal centrepiece of a room.

>   Xeoos Stoves

stoves Suffolk
Wood Stoves Suffolk Esse

Esse stoves have more than 150 years of pedigree and experience, making them some of the finest woodburners on the market today.

Sill producing consistently excellent stoves, Esse retain their traditionall styling as well as offering the latest contemporary designs.

>   Esse Stoves

suffolk stoves
Wood Stove Suffolk Heta

Heta UK are the British arm of a fifty year old Danish stove manufacturer famed for ease of use and highly efficient heating.

>   Heta UK

Broseley Stoves Suffolk
Wood Stove SUffolk Broseley

For over thirty five years Broseley Fires have produced wood burning stoves and continually focused on improving the design and technology behind them.

>   Broseley Stoves

wood burning stove Suffolk
Serenity Stoves Suffolk

Serenity stoves from Pevex are British made to the highest standards of construction and operation.

>   Pevex Stoves

wood burning stove Suffolk
Wood Stove Suffolk Dunsley Heat

Dunsley Heat stoves are manufactured in West Yorkshire by one of the country's oldest stove makers. Excellent as stand alone stoves or as part of an integrated heating solution.

>   Dunsley Stoves

Bohemia X Stoves Suffolk
Wood Stove Suffolk Heta

Replacing the long popular Bohemia stoves, the new Bohemia X range now features state of the art "clean burn" technology, making them approved by Defra for use in smoke control areas.

>   Bohemia X Stoves

Wood Burning Solutions
Stove Installer Suffolk

Advice on buying a stove online.

Before you buy a stove from the the internet, it's worth knowing the score and why you're likely to be better off coming to us.

>   Buying Advice

For more information on the ranges of stoves we offer and the expert advice you can expect, please come into our
stoves showroom. Alternatively, we have a range of stove brochures available.

Supply and Installation    

As well as supplying wood burning stoves, we are HETAS registered installers. This certifies that we are competant to install woodburning stoves and boimass boilers, whether they burn wood as pellets, chips, or logs.

HETAS is the only body that specialises in ensuring the competance of persons installing solid fuel and biomass heating appliances.

  HETAS Stove Installers Suffolk

Wood burning stoves Suffolk


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